Wednesday, December 19, 2007

4th Day of Christmas

Brian & I went to Colin's Year 6 leavers assembly at school last night were all the kids got their leaving certificate from Silverstream school. The evening was very festive with songs, dancing and musical numbers performed by the kids. Colin admitted he got a bit emotional realizing that he will go into unfamiliar territory next year at HIBS. Poor lad, but than again he is so looking forward to his new school too. Have made a mental note to take a photo of Colin outside the school on his last day.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

3rd Day of Christmas

It's just after mid-day Sunday here after an impromptu neighbourhood pre-Christmas get together last night. Numerous bottles of red wine were consumed, have lost track of numbers. A late 4am bed time, needless to say no early risers this morning. In fact looks like all is quiet here with peoples having taken themselves back to bed, apart from me!

My latest page is up, don't these two look cute. Little funny, Corey has taken a liking to the Christmas tree bowl/stand. I have caught him a few times licking the water out of it!
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Friday, December 14, 2007

2nd Day of Christmas

Just love making these scrap pages at the moment with the freebies that are around. Just seems so strange to use our summer Christmas photos on winter layout pages. So felt the need to dig up some of our winter ski photos to use instead. We had a ball skiing the first time as a family. Colin had been once before as a 5 year old and wasn't skiing then. Well, this time round it took him one short half hour lesson, and he was away. He was keeping up with Brian & I no problems and even doing a few tricks. Kids!
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First Day of Christmas

Aaah, Christmas is finally here. We got the tree in on Sunday and started to decorate it straight after Monday night dinner. Nothing beats the smell of a real tree we think. And now that Corey has passed the cureous puppy stage, the tree is nolonger a fair target, LOL!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A family birthday

I seem to be slacking already, no real excuse other than life is busy. We seem to be already over half way into the month and no entry made for November as yet! So thought to at least mention my sister in-laws Hellen's birthday at the start of the month and grace this blog with the scrap page made to date so far. Hubby and I decided to make it an extra long 5-day weekend up in Tauranga with reasonable weather to be had. The highlight was the birthday celebration at local Thai restaurant booked out for the occasion and the partying lasted to the late wee hour. Happy birthday Hellen, we hope you enjoyed your night with family and friends, we sure did thanks.
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party Time

Back again, it's Sunday night here in New Zealand. Thought to better post this as I'm already on the computer and wanted to get at least a photo of the 3 of us up, all be it in costume! We don't celebrate Halloween here, but sure were looking forward to Saturday's bbq invite at Steve & Jade's. Jade being American, from San Diego, sure went out the full hog. I should have known from the party invite 3 weeks ago, that this was an experience to remember. The party house was decked out inside and out, and Jade must have been up till late finishing off the last of the baking. Anyway, we 3 made sure we turned up in costume, one witch, one monster and one scary pumpkin scarecrow! The weather let us down a bit, with the Wellington southerly keeping temperatures some what cool, brrrr. Would you know, the wind died down early evening in time for the local fireworks display, typical!
Our hosts were wonderful of course and sure gave us an experience to remember. Thanks S&J, for a wonderful afternoon/evening.
The 3 of us
Steve, with Brain Hemorrhage cocktail
Food, food, more food!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our First Entry

Hello all,
welcome to our blog, we are finally online with the help of my dearest son Colin, aka DigiKid. We hope to keep this regularly up to date, so keep checking us out.