Thursday, September 4, 2008

GIMP Digiscrapping Tutorial - "Create pencil lined like drawing in Gimp"

The following is a pretty cool technique to use on your photos and Scrapness over at ScrapbooksGoneDigital asked me how I did this, so here are the instructions.

Start with just a single photo and perform the following instructions:
* duplicate photo layer - apply the following to the copy of photo

* Colors > Invert
* Image > Mode > Grayscale
* set the blending to colour dodge (don't worry if your layer goes all white, the next instruction will reveal all
* Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur
- about 50 radius setting
* Image > mode > RGB and merge layer with 1st original photo layer
* now add just merged photo to your layout page and set blending to overlay (I used multiple) Happy scrapping

Credits: Meadow kit by Rainbow, heart messystamper by Misty Mareda, chicken wire, tied bow "Believe in" kit by Fryske, dymo font
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