Monday, October 20, 2008

GIMP Digiscrapping Tutorial - "Creating a Sticker WordArt in Gimp"

Are you ready to give this next tut a go? Well, this is my version of creating a simple WordArt anyway...


Create a text layer for each WordArt line.
In this example I have "Cherish" & "every moment" using 2 layers and different font for each.
Select Elliptical select Tool (E) and with "Cherish" text layer selected, create an elliptical selection larger than "Cherish" text.

Create New Transparent layer below "Cherish" text layer, and fill with White Background colour.

Select "every moment" text layer, do Alpha to Selection, Select > Grow & grow selection by 14 px.

Create New Transparent layer below "every moment" text layer, and fill with White Background colour (Ctrl+.).

Now move your 2 newly created white filled layers together below the text layers and Merge down together.

We will now try and create a slight sticker lifting/curling using the Gradient tool to mimick shadowing.

  • Select last merged layer, do Alpha to Selection, select Free Select Tool (F) with Intersect Mode selected, and click selection points around the area where you want to have your gradient shadow & finish by clicking your first selection point to end the selection.
  • With Blend Tool selected (L), this will fill your selection with a gradient colour, pick a grey Foreground colour, Blend Mode = Normal, Opacity to your liking, Gradient set to FG to BG, shape = Linear.
  • Click & drag your mouse at an angle where you want the curling shadow to go from grey to white.
Repeat above bullet point instructions where curling shadow is required.

Finish by applying layer shadow.
From In my Digi GIMP world
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