Monday, June 29, 2009

My new found (GIMP) friend

I have a new GIMP best friend, called the Perspective tool (Shift+P) and have used it here on the string & ribbon element shadows to give more realistic shadow and just love the effect. To achieve these, ensure you create the shadow in a separate layer. Then using the Perspective tool on the shadow layer and pull the corners to you liking to mimic a more realistic drop shadow on those ribbon/bow like elements. Once you get the hang of this, you'll find that your elements don't look so flat anymore. Have some fun and give it a GO!

Another layout completed for my birthday album, all will be revealed soon...

Credit: Artist kit by Seni

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dawg Gone Cute!

It only took me nearly 3 weeks to complete with one restart from nearly the beginning but it's done! Here Corey is modelling his first outfit knitted up by moi - big bonus it fits him hehe. I was always a very slow knitter, no wonder I haven't attempted anything bigger in many many years.

I have forgotten how easy it is to loose your way around a pattern, and don't get me started on how many stitches kept dropping of my little knitting needles. There is a lot to be said about circular knitting needles!

Am now on a roll as I have found a new project to keep me out of trouble, this one is a crochet hoodie to keep in theme with the big boys who have new recent hoodies each too. Lets hope I'll get to finish it before I give up somewhere in the middle of the pattern...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For the love of Brackets

Yes, as you can see I'm still enjoying scrapping brackets were I can. And follows the same Segway theme as my previous layout. Just couldn't help not scrap these photos of BB having a go too! I promise no photos of me on one, as I was left holding Corey on his lead and the camera glued to my face constantly ;) The joys of being the family photographer. According to the boys, it's really easy to ride those things. It's just a matter of distributing your weight and leaning into the direction you want to go, really does look like fun from the side lines. Not bad 10min fun for $10, I think I'll give it a go next time.

Credits: Template #94 ScrappingwithLiz, Papers & elements SgD Travel Kit Collection, available at Scrapbooksgonedigital

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the winner is....

Thanks to all that participated in my May Template challenge over at SgD last month with the winner picked by was by sweetiekjo, congrats my dear. I'm sure you had no problem spending the $5 gift voucher in the shop.

This month's challenge is up and posted again, with a theme of Brackets, see what you can come up with using Template # T0003. These photos were taken over our summer on our way home from Tauranga. BB & CJ saw these Segway rides at Taupo, so we called in on our way back down to Wellington. Lucky for Colin, being such a light weight he just managed to get going on it as long as he distributed his weight all forward. Looking from his beaming smile, it was all worth it!

Credits: SgD "Photoshop Layer Template # T0003", papers & elements SgD Travel Kit Collection, SgD Brackets Shapes - all products available at Scrapbooksgonedigital