Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I won a kit - Yippee

How cool is this, I entered my "Are we there yet?" layout see my Another squash weekend has started post in a Travel challenge at ScrapbooksGoneDigital and found out today I had won. I got my confirmation email from Vanessa this morning, many thanx Scrapness. So far I have managed to download the 1st part of the kit, unfortunately our download speed is veeeeeeeeeeeery sloooooooooooooow! So will have to pick my times I think, never mind. Should be fun pulling out last year's Halloween party photos, and create using my winnings. No Halloween party this year as Steve and Jade are getting married back in San Diego on Halloween, how cool is that!

Credits: Huge Halloween kit at ScrapbooksGoneDigital

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mo GIMPed in pink

Just completed my very own girlie page and just love how the shades of pinks have turned out. I got my hands on a whole stack of baby & childhood photos from Mum's a few weekends ago and have been busily creating lo for my up coming 40th next year - moan groan. I won't be publishing them all here, so if you are curious you'll just have to come and celebrate with me ;)! So far have done 4 so am really motoring along and it is sure neat to share those old pics with BB & CJ.

Credits: Bouille Template8, Inspired Papers & Elements by Ami Collofello at PixelGypsyDesigns, SoftPlum feather by Fryske, Glassy Alpha by K Aagard at http://digidelights.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 18, 2008

GIMP Digiscrapping Tutorial - "How to use Photo Masks in Gimp"

Here is another instalment of a Gimp Digiscrapping tutorial covering the usage of photo masks. This question was posted at ScrapbooksGoneDigital, so have created some screenshots with instructions.

Open your GIMP scrap layout:

From Blogger Pictures
Next open your Mask .png file in a separate window, keeping your GIMP scrap layout also open:
From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

See my In training post for the finished LO.

Happy Gimp photo masking everyone

Credits: photomask freebie by Kristin Skjæringrud at http://www.scrapwithtemplates.com/

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another squash weekend has started

This week it is our senior club champs, and BB had his 1st game tonight. But I was sure that he told me a few nights ago that I was Thursday and he was Friday. So I took my gear down just in case, but it wasn't required as all the ladies games are all starting on Friday night. The ladies draw is a bit dissapointing with only 5 entries, but oh well I'll should have a good second match. As per usual, I have Gemz for my first match, maybe she'll go easy on me, but probably not! BB didn't have a win, but he won the first game. We didn't stay late at all at the club as we were expecting Kim & Stacey to arrive with Tess who is staying this weekend as the Grieve's will be away, K's present to G. We have hyped up Corey without trying to give away Tess' name. Both dogs will get a good workout entertaining each other this way - hehe.

Wanted to scrap these road trip photos from last year for a travel challenge I'll enter at ScrapbooksGoneDigital.
Not so much a destination layout, but I do like how this one has turned out. Including the blended photo of me driving the Mazda.

Credits: LDD VintageDreams-Retro papers & alpha, Date-Bit by Misty Cato, doodle by Fryske,
Elegant WordArt by Bethany

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No, no, NO - ski weekend photos lost, BUGGER!

I have tried and tried, but the ski photos that were sitting on Brian's camera for some reason can't download. It keeps wanting to reformat the card in either re-play or shoot mode. Had some nice shots when we were on the slopes and inside the Snowflake cafe while sipping our hot chocolates. So only have these cafe scene ones while lunching with the Wins in Ohakune.

Correction: Lynn spotted a spelling mistake on my coffee prayer on lo1, so have corrected and re-uploaded. Thanks Lynn for spotting and letting me know.

Credits: LDD VintageDreams-Retro papers & elements, Vicki's A work in progress AcrylicAlpha, Template14 by Jillian Zwick of J.Z. Designs, flower, brad * chickenwire "Believe In" by Fryske.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Screenshots for GIMP create pencil lined (Highpass) tutorial post

Here are screenshots for my previous post...

From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures
From Butt-kins Web Pages
Credits: Little Dreamer Designs "VintageDreams Retro" paper

Thursday, September 4, 2008

GIMP Digiscrapping Tutorial - "Create pencil lined like drawing in Gimp"

The following is a pretty cool technique to use on your photos and Scrapness over at ScrapbooksGoneDigital asked me how I did this, so here are the instructions.

Start with just a single photo and perform the following instructions:
* duplicate photo layer - apply the following to the copy of photo

* Colors > Invert
* Image > Mode > Grayscale
* set the blending to colour dodge (don't worry if your layer goes all white, the next instruction will reveal all
* Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur
- about 50 radius setting
* Image > mode > RGB and merge layer with 1st original photo layer
* now add just merged photo to your layout page and set blending to overlay (I used multiple) Happy scrapping

Credits: Meadow kit by Rainbow, heart messystamper by Misty Mareda, chicken wire, tied bow "Believe in" kit by Fryske, dymo font

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is {Me} too

Feeling a bit shattered today, but can't put my finger on the cause. Will try and have an early night tonight and see if that makes a difference. BB and I are having an early dinner out with his family tonight, my suggestion as we didn't get a chance to see them on Sunday, so a night off cooking mid-week is a bit of a treat.

Have just completed this lo for a challenge over at ScrapbooksGoneDigital I am currently participating in called "Introduce yourself Challenge" and was looking for an appropriate photo of moi, when I came across this action shot. I am rather pleased the way it turned out and have included some minimal facts about myself.

Credits: Optimism Template, dotted paper & alpha "Love in Paris" by Kristin Aagard at http://www.digidelights.blogspot.com
UrbanJungle paper & elements by Coralee Evans aka MzCora