Sunday, May 25, 2008

Have I got my cousin hooked on GIMP yet?

I wonder if I have Conny hooked yet. Got an email from her during the week wanting some help, so I pointed her to this site This hopefully will have everything to get her started. Remember Conny, start with the basics and make small baby steps. I remember using this site in the past when I first started out with my GIMP, and it sure helps having those step by step instructions & videos.
It has been cold weather this weekend, so a good excuse to get more pages finished. These being from Colin's 9th birthday in 2005. I don't participate in Halloween as not a New Zealand tradition, but since Colin celebrates his birthday in October it sure was a good excuse to have a theme party and Colin's mates still remember the fun times had.

Credits LO1: Crazy Garden Alpha by babs, Template by Simply Yin, paper from Macabre kit by Jan Crowley at

Credits LO2: Scrap Orchard So You Think You Can Design week 3 template by Janel Scraps,
paper from Macabre kit by Jan Crowley at

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad blogger...

Can't believe it's the 20th of the month and this is only my 2nd entry for the month. Turns out I have slowed down in both blogging and digiscrapping, just slowed down not stopped thank goodness.
I happen to look at my squash grading list and I was briefly a D1, my highest grade. Unfortunately had a few losses so am back down in D2, hopefully this will give me the kick up the bum to try harder and get back to D1. Am standing down tomorrow, so will have to wait till next week to get my chance to another win hopefully!
Laura left for Melbourne last weekend and I visited Mum on Sunday and gave her a piano lesson.. She was very excited with me bringing my old piano music around and she pick a new piece to learn for herself. Looks like her piano practice is helping keeping her fingers supple and the Arthritis at bay.

credits LO1:
Brown background paper from Grateful4U kit at DST, Papers, flowers, buttons, tag from Tout Simplement kit by Fran at, Frame by Katie Pertiet at, WordStrips by Nicole Seitler at

credits LO2:
Template - by, Journal paper & flowers by, Papers & WordArt from Circle Combination kit by CentaniDesigns, Jessica Sprague July title/doodle

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hallo Nederland, ik ben Colin

How nice it was talking to my Aunt and Uncle on the phone at my Mum's place yesterday. They too were catching up with her after her eye operation on Friday. All is well, just a slight blood shot eye, but other than that she is seeing better than ever. Have emailed 2 of my cousins now with my contact and blog details so hopefully you guys will visit this blog lots in future to keep up with our happenings.
About time an up to date layout of Colin is posted as I have been very busy focusing on older photos going as far back to when he was still a baby. Yes he is growing up fast, getting more and more independent, even challenging Brian and I from time to time in a cheeky sort of a way. All good though. School is going great for him, he started a private boys school at the start of the year and is thriving. As with all secondary schools here in Wellington, we forked out a bit of money for a new uniform, hopefully we bought it a bit roomy and he isn't going to grow out of it too soon. His first parent teacher interviews went great. Both Gordon and I attended and all teachers were full of praise of him. He is doing very well in French, helps if his Mum can test him on his French vocabulary. I think I will struggle when he picks up Japanese in the middle of the year as I can't pronounce or read Japanese, hehe ;)

Credits: papers from Grateful4U kit from DST, based on a template from