Sunday, January 25, 2009

My own QP freebie scrapped

Busy day with an early start getting ready to meet the Jamiegees on the water at our usual local jet ski spot. Didn't get there for nine like some, but 10am was pretty good going especially for the Buttners.
The weather was hot, just as well there was plenty of water to keep us all cool. The youngest member of our party learned to knee board today, and T managed to get up on the first go too. We were all so happy for her. BB & I didn't get home until late afternoon and have blobbed ever since, the sun and water out there is so very tiring.

Credit: my very own QP freebie, see this post & love heart WA at

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's here at last, Be My Valentine QP freebie

I have found some spare time with my hubby being in hospital last week and this week I had a girlfriend stay all week, so thanks for your patience if you have come back in anticipation. Well the NZ summer school holidays are coming to an end another week and a half and CJ is back at school. Will keep my ramblings short, BB is back on the mend now thank goodness. So onto the freebie

For your download pleasure here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A belated 2nd Anniversary lo

I have been meaning to scrap our anniversary photo from earlier this month, then found this so befitting QP. Just great when I'm still trying to find my scrapping mojo! We were out on our special day for both lunch & dinner. Photo was taken at the end of lunch by BB's brother in-law at local cafe in Tauranga, where we all enjoyed a yummy meal each.

Apologies for not having my promised QP available as yet, but thanks so much for your return visits. It should be ready soon...

Credits: Biebels Scraps Intensity QP & WordArt by WordArtFun

Friday, January 16, 2009

How about that, a scrapped LO at last.

I seem to have hit a drought, with my scrapping that is. Though I have been beavering away at making my freebies, so it's nice to get my hands dirty again and scrapping for real. Just had to scrap this LO of the boyz, especially such a neat moment these two were having at the time.
You can't beat Wellington on a stunner day and yes BG did get the weather just right again as he does 9 times out of 10!

Credits: Template #46 @ using Edge of Wood kit available @ and AWP PlasticAlpha @

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not the best of starts to the week!

Well, the weekend started with a hiss and a roar! The retaining wall project got started up again on Saturday and by late afternoon the wall wall was up. Just great to see this taking shape from the inside and have a few ideas in my head now how I want to plant it up. Then on Sunday BB & I just wanted to finish of the last of the 2 posts. These still needed digging & concreting in, so after digging 2 huge holes as our first attempts kept hitting cables & pipes, we managed to get the job done in the end though BB had both back and tummy niggles. By night time the latter had developed into severe stomach pains, which started to look more & more like a repeat episode of last year's Diverticular disease (inflamed intestine). After a very painful sleepless night we decided to take precaution and go to a&e just to be on the safe side. Arrived there just after 9am, waiting, check up, more waiting, x-ray, more waiting. Finally BB admitted into his ward at 3.45pm with Divericulitis at least he's at the right place, though bored and very hungry - poor BB!

Am working on another kit and have at this stage this Add On available to "Be My Valentine", I hope you like as much as I enjoyed making them! If you come back later this week I should have a QP available too and I'll reveal the kit at the end of the month. So keep coming back to check....

You can download here

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missing in action, but Happy New Year btw

Hope you saw in the New Year safely with your loved ones. We didn't as too tired from a very windy bike ride on the Rimutaka Incline earlier in the day. Did manage to go to a bbq at friends, just were too shattered to call into the Jamiegees to see in the new year, how sad is that!
We felt we hadn't had a holiday as yet and as we couldn't get ferry tickets to join our friends in the Sounds we decided on a road trip to Tauranga where BB's sister lives. Left on Sunday and we are leaving again today back to Wellington, but will be calling into the Luge at Rotorua so hopefully will have some thrill pics to scrap.
BB & I celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday and went out just the 2 of us for a small meal in the evening, dinner was yum just as great as lunch earlier in the day. We have managed to relax with walks and shopping while we have stayed here in Tauranga. Oops, forgot to mention we did hot pools at the Mount with peoples getting a wee bit too much sun burn, though BB and I did a night hot pools here in Tauranga under the stars with back lit gardens, very tranquil...