Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It all started with free lemons

Back in late Feb my hubby came home with 2 shopping bags of lemons after giving one away to Lynn to make our own lemon cordial. We had great success with my first previous batch, but dear hubby had no idea that it only takes 6 lemons per batch. So I ended up juicing the whole lot and freezing them in batches for the purpose of lemon cordial. This started my first purchase of a wee little lemon tree and from that I have started to germinate vege seeds and planting up seedlings into a compost bags and numerous pots/containers as our own garden soil is to hard and very clayish. Dear hubby will hopefully make me one day a few timber vegie planters so in the mean time they are all going into pots! Lemon cordial making graduated into Limoncello and liqueur making for our recent homemade liqueur tasting evening organized by Lynn. All our friends got totally into it and some were very imaginative and the evening was a total success - hicup, another excuse for another layout someday...

Credits: Spring Morning by Manue et Nini available at

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