Friday, August 14, 2009

Skiing down Coronet Peak slopes

Wow, we certainly encountered the best skiing weather ever. No wind, mild temps and nothing but sun, sun, sun! Had pre-arranged our afternoon ski passes through our hotel ski concierge the previous evening over mulled wine and canapes as the weather looked very promising for some slope action. After the first 2 runs the body seemed to remember what to do and soon we were on the intermediate slopes, finishing up with making it down from the top of the Coronet Express Chair. As we hadn't done any pre-ski fitness, our bodies soon told us that we were just as well to do a half day pass. Hmmm, I think it's our bodies telling us that we're getting old!

Credits: Simply Yin template #114, Franziska Altmann Lonely kit tag, Winter Wonderland 2 papers & elements by Franziska Altmann, Ellie Lash & Flergalicious
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