Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Old photos finally GIMPed (scrapped)

Well it's school holiday time and Colin is enjoying his first week of so far, having just stayed with Morgan both Monday and Tuesday. I suspect tomorrow will be boring for him as he's staying home with Brian or me at work if Brian needs to go out for part of the day, we'll see.
Thought it would be nice to scrap these old photos of both Colin and Morgan (while we are on the school theme) and send the result on to Diane. I don't think our boys have changed much other than sprouting a bit more height, hehe.
Will have to show Colin this one tomorrow as he hasn't seen it as yet either. Must remember to print this one of and stick it in Mum's album along side Colin's First day of school page as the background papers are the same and match a theme ;)

Round tag - DSB-Avril-kit, 2peas It's-in-the-Air-Alpha, Fryske Friendly-Creepy-Crawlies-Alpha, Friendly Creepy Crawlies kit available at
Background paper - LittleDreamerDesign-ScrapAMoment kit, Katie Pertiet_DirtyFrame, Grateful4U star tags, 2peas Squish font

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