Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Well, it has started. The mass production of numerous Christmas card & Pecan Pie baking. But there still seems to be no end to it all. Feels to me I am leaving things to the last minute again this year!!! Nothing changes ;)
We just had the most stunning weather over the weekend here in NZ, so that called for an impromptu bbq @ Dom's on Friday. Which followed by another one @ Lynn's with both BB & Dom in charge of the cooking. There was sooo much food, we didn't eat it all but we gave it a good try. Both nights we managed to sit outside till late and it was great to see kids enjoying themselves as kids do. Then Sunday afternoon was followed with Christmas drinks and a bit of a get together at Neil & Diane's. Yes, the weather was still perfect in fact it was the hottest day over the weekend. What a nice way to spend it among friends over drinks and nibbles outside on the patio.
We're of to CJ's school prizegiving at Wellington town hall tonight, I wonder if he'll get anything. His report arrived in the mail too on Saturday, he did so well - we are very proud of him. Keep it up my boy.

Credits: Christmas Spirit kit by Lisa Whitney Designs
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