Monday, August 18, 2008

Boyz & their toyz

What a busy Saturday we just had. Brian inherited an old farm/dirt bike from his brother, so once we got it back home, it didn't take long before all 3 boys got riding it. Corey is so into wanting to be into all the people action, so being on a dirt bike wasn't a worry to him. BB took him for lots of rides then Colin was next. He has been wanting a bike for a while, only natural when both his older brother and Dad ride too. CJ can't touch the ground yet, but in 1st gear he looks very much in control, doesn't he? Well, the smiles just said it all.
Then BB & I were of in the evening to our friend Geordie's 50th, great party catching up with good friends and didn't see our bed for the evening until 4am.
Sunday was spend recovering ;) but we did manage to pick up some new ski pants for the boys, BB's seemed to have shrunk - not! Also got measured up for some skis & boot hire, hopefully we get some good skiing in - there is over a 3m base at present but weather has not settled down as yet. Lets keep fingers crossed.

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