Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a quick post

The weather is settling down into fantastic skiing weather, with Friday so far shaping up quite nicely for a half day skiing. We can't wait.
Just posting a quick lo I finished over the weekend of a get together with friends bowling now a few months back. Hopefully this will load quickly, so I am not late for training again - hehe. Well Murphy's Law, blogger got stuck on me so am uploading it now 3 hours later and was late for training again!
Just did a big shop, isn't it funny how you always manage to spend more then you set out especially when you shop for goodies to take away for our ski weekend. We won't be starving, that's for sure...

credits: Digitreats RUN paper, Twoboyz00 paper (recoloured), Flerg's A Mother's Love Stitched flowers,
Vicky's AWP BabyBoy alpha, Stitched arrow Monique Gascon

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