Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good excuse for a Mulled Wine weekend

Well, we didn't get as much skiing done as we had hoped this last weekend. All started with having to wake up at 3.30am on Friday morning as we wanted to be on the road by 4.30 as we had a 5hr drive to Taupo first to drop off one of Brian's work vans, now surplus to requirements. As you can imagine, not the easiest of drives with only about 4hrs of sleep and me driving our fully loaded family car following Brian in the van in darkness for about 3 hours until sunrise! We made it to Taupo, dropped the van off and turned around for a drive back to Ohakune to our cosy accommodation for the weekend and made it in time for some afternoon skiing at Turoa ski field. Visability was prety much non existent, but we were just happy to have gotten in some skiing at least. Couldn't take any pics as we skiied in the rain, never mind. Saturday morning wasn't any better, still no visability and we were so keen to try our upper mountain ski passes. We did our 1st run in white out conditions while looking for a particular trail down I wasn't able to find. After making it to the bottom we decided that the conditions were just too crap, so decided on a refund on our all day pass and head back to Ohakune to join the rest of the Win family for lunch in town. As you guessed it, Murphy's Law, the mountain decided to clear and we missed out on the best skiing we could have had, apparently it was warm and clear blue skies - oh well lunch was very nice and we still had mulled wine left over from the previous evening, yum yum. Sunday was total blizard conditions, no chairlifts were going, so Morgan & Colin hired out a toboggan each. The fun didn't last very long in those conditions & to top it all Morgan got hurt sliding over the bank and hurting his lower leg on a water hydrant and needed some medical attention when his leg swelled up with a nasty looking bruise, which turned out to be a broken leg - poor Morgan! So that left just a half days skiing on Monday afternoon after we all packed up in the morning. We did our best skiing on our last day with visability of about 1km. With plenty of runs down we all improved some what & Colin now out skiis us both, the little speed demon - haha.
Well, we must have done ok as I can feel plenty of sore muscles today...
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