Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No, no, NO - ski weekend photos lost, BUGGER!

I have tried and tried, but the ski photos that were sitting on Brian's camera for some reason can't download. It keeps wanting to reformat the card in either re-play or shoot mode. Had some nice shots when we were on the slopes and inside the Snowflake cafe while sipping our hot chocolates. So only have these cafe scene ones while lunching with the Wins in Ohakune.

Correction: Lynn spotted a spelling mistake on my coffee prayer on lo1, so have corrected and re-uploaded. Thanks Lynn for spotting and letting me know.

Credits: LDD VintageDreams-Retro papers & elements, Vicki's A work in progress AcrylicAlpha, Template14 by Jillian Zwick of J.Z. Designs, flower, brad * chickenwire "Believe In" by Fryske.

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