Monday, November 10, 2008

A busy weekend

With an early start on Saturday morning with voting. Turns out BB & I both are still under our old electorate, so what was supposed to be a 5 min vote turned out to be a 15 min event! Then we were off calling into a few jobs before arriving at Mum's to mow, weed & goarse (how you spell that?) removal. CJ too worked hard, water blasting paths & steps, washing Nanny's car and goarse removal. We worked solidly till dinner time and collapsed on the couch afterward. When we got home, too tired so we 3 snuggled up in bed for a DVD. On Sunday, the office got rearranged after BB bought additional office furniture for fax/printer. BB got struck by a hayfever attack, while shopping earlier for office furniture, the van still had remnants of garden waste in it which brought on a severe attack which left him utterly miserable for the rest of the day. Even with medication the sneezing & runny nose didn't lessen until about 3 hours later. Poor BB!

Au pays des rĂªves QP
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