Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a hoot, another award

Great minds think alike! It turns out when I was in the process of leaving a comment for Lynn, about her award from me, she nominated me for the same award. How about that, 2 GIMPsters on the same wavelength. So thanks Lynn, and I am very pleased you like my tuts too.

Slight hick-up is that her list is 7 long, so thought to better add a 7th love of mine.
1. My boyz - BB, CJ & C you guys keep amazing me. I am so very blessed and loved.
2. Life - although things might be tough and tight for us at the moment, we could be a whole worse of.
3. GIMP - I am totally addicted, just call me GIMP Girl!
4. Photography - probably my longest held hobby & still going strong, first joined a club at age 11.
5. DigiScrapping - goes hand in hand with my previous 2 stated loves. Our new laptop sure makes scrapping a breeze.
6. Squash - I am no A grader, but I get my kicks!
7. Good food & wine with good company, nothing better than sharing finger food and wine with friends.

Over to you lovely ladies, pass it on
1. Kristin, your designs are just scrummy & many thanks for the sweet comments you leave on my blog. My wishlist for Santa includes some spending money in your store.
2. Corry, your LO's are fantastic & your dog ones a real inspiration.
3. Norma - SgD Designs, I so enjoy being on your CT right now - keep up the great designs.
4. Mzpimptress, thanks for letting me use your designs in my blog header - your stuff has attitude, love it.
5. Twinsmom1, goodluck with your designs Mel - another great GIMP scrapper
6. Colurb, that's my boy!

7. Pursuit of scrap happiness, I take my regular peeps here - beautiful fun & bright!

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