Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas is around the corner

Thanks to Sammy, I get a reminder how close Christmas is with her countdown on her blog every time I visit over there. Girlfriend, your blog is looking fab and at least one of us is already into the swing of things. I am getting a bit more closer each day in finishing our family Christmas cards. I'd better hurry up or they could end up being shelved, hehe.
On the home front, things are steady for BB business wise and he's kept busy enough with jobs and quotes leading up to Christmas. It's a shame that things will be very quiet from Christmas till mid January with the glass suppliers all having closed factories, just what BB didn't need just having started out this month. Just as well I am still working.

Credits: Christmas Collection - kit & QPs, WordArt - Christmas Messages all available at ScrapbooksGoneDigital

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