Friday, November 7, 2008

Finished a week on a little high

With redundancy looming (a casualty of an economic down turn), BB has to start all over again and we've decided for him to go out on his own. We have been looking forward to this day all week for Brian as he would be picking up his new van, although at a cost of us losing our family car last week. We had only just cleaned and photographed it last Monday on Labour Day & listed on TradeMe that same day, then sold 2 days later. I didn't even get a chance to take my team mates to interclub in it! Never mind - needs must, at least BB is now on the road , next we'll have to organise sign writing for his van. We've come up with Prime Glass, it has a good feel to it don't you think? Strong and to the point!

My scrapping mojo is somewhat slow at the moment so just a QP, but don't these two look CUTE!

Credits : QP by merepoule kit BIRDY TREE, It's my party alpha, Marydale font

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